Restore Mille Lacs

The Mille Lacs Lake fishery is a vital part of our community and economy. It is imperative we work on healing the lake and the tourism industry that helps sustain this area. We knew the lake had fish population issues in the early 2000’s and we are still spinning our wheels trying to find workable solutions. Emy will facilitate respectful conversations with the DNR, tribal leaders, business owners, and residents to work together to rebuild mutual trust and heal community relations. Thing get done when people work together. We must stop pointing fingers and get to work.


"I love the Lake. We have a natural resource that can be used for so much more than reliance upon fishing. It is important that we take steps to protect the lake AND the businesses that rely on the lake for their livelihood. That means that we work with the DNR to have strong policies that respect the fish population at the same time, NOT voting for measures to increase pollutants in our water, which would negatively harm the environment and resorts on this important resource. DNR studies have indicated that it is NOT fishing that is decreasing the walleye supply in Mille Lacs, Native American or not. So ,we can talk about gill netting, spearing, tribal quotas, or hooking mortality. But we should be talking about invasive species, increase in Pike population, and the warming of the lake." -- Emy Minzel

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