Dear Neighbor,


I am a wife, mother, writer, and small business owner. I am a native Minnesotan, born on the Iron Range in Virginia, MN, and have since made my home in my beloved city of Princeton. I believe in living in service, showing it by living compassionately and volunteering in our community.


I love animals. I donate my time, money and freely give my compassion by fostering and adopting dogs from a local animal rescue. I am a member of the Friends of the Sherburne National Wildlife Refuge. We help to preserve the integrity of this beautiful area, where I love to bring my family and dogs. During our Minnesota summers I love to cook, camp, canoe, swim, and garden, as well as refurbishing and recycling many old things into new. I enjoy spending time outdoors, relishing in Minnesota’s beautiful lakes, forests, and natural resources.

My husband Jason calls me “The Queen of the Hydration Nation” because I am so passionate about clean water. I believe that we inherited our beautiful natural resources from our parents and we borrow it from our grandchildren; therefore, we should preserve it for future generations. I hope to work hard for the people in our district to ensure ongoing water quality. This critical issue affects the lives of the people in our district and the tourism industry that helps sustain our way of life.


I believe that Minnesota has always been progressive in stewarding change for the better. Today's phase is no different. I know that bringing well-paying, renewable energy jobs to central Minnesota will grow our economy and provide for families. I believe in investing in protecting and preserving the natural resources we have been blessed with.

I seek to live my life in service and represent the greater good of our ENTIRE district, 15A. I truly cherish my community and the families it supports. I take personally the drive for prosperity that we need in central Minnesota. This is my first campaign for public office and I take this opportunity with gratitude, humbleness, and genuine determination to help our district prosper and flourish. For everyone!


Emy Minzel

"I believe there needs to be regular citizens like me in the State House, looking out for families like yours and mine!"

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