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"Right to Work" - Research indicates that so-called "Right to Work" states are really RIght to Work for Less. People deserve living wages and benefits that allow them to stay in our communities and raise their families here. Major industry is still moving to Minnesota and our neighbor to the East is NOT a magnet for business, despite having enacted this misguided policy. Poverty levels actually raise in areas that have Right to Work laws and the state ends up providing basic living needs because we value profit over people.


Support a $15 Statewide Minimum Wage – The cost of living has gone up drastically and student loan debt is at an all-time high. I believe we need to bring wages up to the same pace of our cost of living expenses. A $15 minimum wage can start to bridge that gap. People who work full time should be able to support themselves on their wages. According to a recent report by the Economic Policy Institute, CEO pay has risen 937 percent since 1978, while average worker pay has risen just 11%. In 1965, the pay ratio of CEOs to employees was 20 to one. In 2016, it was 271 to one. That's wrong, and the resulting economic inequality is hurting our families, our communities, and our way of life.

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