Emy will work to bring needed change to Minnesota and District 15A. Emy is running to protect the Minnesota we love for future generations. #ProtectWhatYouLove


The big lake--and the tourism that depends on it--is hurting. Emy will bring all sides together together to restore both.


Affordable health care should be a right to all Minnesotans.


From preK to vocational training, Emy knows that investing in students is critical for our future.


Emy believes that the minimum wage must be a livable wage.

Opioid Crisis – Emy believes that we need to nurture our loved ones struggling with addiction back to health.; we should not punish them with prison time. This is vicious cycle. We need to address the roots of the crisis, driven by deceptive marketing and over-prescribing of powerful narcotics that can be addictive with two weeks of use. In taking a public health approach to Minnesotans struggling with addiction, Emy also supports the expansion of drug and mental health courts as an alternative to traditional incarceration.

Firearms -  Emy supports stronger background checks for all purchases, including previous encounters with law enforcement even if they have not been judicially charged. Domestic violence and mental health disputes often get overlooked with routine background checks because there are no formal charges filed.

"I respect the 2nd amendment. In fact, I have had a permit to carry . However, it is clear that we need to build stronger background check systems, including increased focus on domestic violence cases and the violence issues in our communities. Local peace officers KNOW who shouldn’t have a firearm in their community. Obviously we need to close the gun show loophole, not only does it provide unfair competition and burden on on lawful gun sellers, but it allows people to get their hands on weapons they should not have." -- Emy Minzel

Emy believes that if someone has had several encounters with law enforcement that contain violent interactions, but no ‘official charges’ they should be investigated further before being granted a permit to purchase a firearm. This system of stronger background checks would keep guns out of law-breaking, violent, and mentally unstable people while protecting the rights of law-abiding, responsible gun owners.

Taxes - Taxpayer dollars should support people, not corporate subsidies and tax breaks. Slashing taxes simply to appease special interest groups and political partisans is irresponsible. Taxpayer dollars must be used with clear oversight and in the best interest of the State as a whole and our District in particular.


Energy - Emy will support legislation to grow sustainable, renewable energy in Central Minnesota. We will create well-paying jobs by leading in energy production, research, development, and investment to harvest the power of the sun and wind.

Internet and Net Neutrality – In our rural area, finding an affordable, reliable internet provider is frequently impossible. We are often paying for service that we don’t receive and are underserved compared to metro neighborhoods. Emy wants to hold the telecom monopolies accountable to do what they say they are going to do: provide affordable internet service for all.

Agriculture - We need to diversify what we grow. That means taking into account what we grow, where we grow, and how to protect the environment while we do it. Emy thinks Central Minnesota can be the foundation of a sustainable agriculture economy that leads us into the next century.

Pro Choice – Emy believes that any decision a woman makes about her own body and health are to be between her doctor and herself. Emy supports women's unrestricted access to birth control and family planning services.

Medical and Recreational Marijuana - The so-called War on Drugs was a failed policy with racial and political undertones that must end. Criminalizing certain drug use has overwhelmed our prison system and destroyed families and lives. The evidence indisputably shows that imprisonment does not solve drug addiction. Instead, Emy will support expansion of medical cannabis provisions and decriminalize minor offenses for recreational use while focusing our resources on the real threats from international criminal organizations.

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