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Emy believes that affordable health care should be a right to all Minnesotans. Medical bankruptcies, talk of bringing back pre-existing condition limitations, and refusal to grow mental health coverage have all left Americans frustrated, broke, and  feeling helpless. Emy will work to increase the number of mental health beds and affordable services available in our district. There are only 100 mental health beds open in the whole state of Minnesota. This is unacceptable and a reason why prisons are filling with those that need help not incarceration.

"My husband has diabetes, and it is a poverty sentence. The costs for his medication have increased 300% over the last few years. We need to be able to negotiate for our drug prices and we need to get Big Pharma out of the pockets of our politicians. I vow not to ever accept any money from the health insurance industry." -- Emy Minzel

MinnesotaCare - Emy supports expanding MinnesotaCare to allow all Minnesotans, regardless of income, to buy into this critical program. It will expand choices in Greater Minnesota and provide essential coverage to many where it has been out of reach. No one should be left to choose between a GoFundMe page and death.

Pre-Existing Conditions - Most of us either already have or will develop a pre-existing condition over the course of our lives. We need to keep strong rules in place to ensure that health insurance companies cannot deny us care because of our personal health history.

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