Emy supports our teachers' unions, expansion of early childhood (preK) education, and other programs that help our children be better prepared for a healthy and productive future. She believes investing in good teachers will help our children succeed now and into the future.

PreK - Emy understands that early childhood education is crucial to developing young minds. If we invest in young children, we will be investing in our future.

K-12 - It is long past time for equitable funding for rural and Greater Minnesota schools. We don't have the types of classes and opportunities that children in the Metro enjoy. Many families in our area don't have the ability to send their children to schools an hour away. We should work together to bring those resources to our local, community schools.

"Schools are the backbone of small communities and I know that teachers are what make them truly special. That's why I am honored to have the endorsement of Education Minnesota. We need to attract and retain world-class teachers and support staff and make investments in the classroom to ensure that all of our children have the tools they need to succeed." -- Emy Minzel

Technical and Vocational - There is a great need for labor in the skilled trades in Greater Minnesota. We should not assume that a four-year college degree is right for all students and must offer a variety of  opportunities within the K-12 system for for industrial, agricultural, and technical learning. 

Higher Education – Emy knows that no student should graduate college with a mortgage worth of loans to pay before they even have chance to work. This is corporate greed that is purposeful and supported by big banks making ridiculous money off the backs of our children. We need interest rates lowered on student loan payments, refinancing options, and other assistance so when these kids graduate they can buy a home, start a family, and afford daycare.

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